My No Mistake Measuring Method


Often times you may find yourself slightly unsure about how much growth you’ve obtained in a month’s time.  Sometimes it may look like your hair barely grew 1/4″, let alone the 1/2 inch that the average person supposedly grows.  I know there have been times in my life where it even looked like me hair was shorter the next month than it was the previously.  Many times this is due to inproper measuring.  Perhaps you didn’t pull quit hair enough to really show the growth or maybe you just took a picture of your hair and couldn’t really tell the difference between the previous month, which could be due to a number of different factors (e.g., lighting, camera angle, a tilt of the head, etc).  Soooooo… the other day I came up with my full proof way of measuring growth, which I liked to call “The No Mistake Measuring Method”…hence the title of this post ;-). 

Okay so here’s how it goes:

First you decide which sections of your hair you are going to monitor for hair growth.  Now, I would strongly suggest that you select four separate sections.  This is primarily due to the fact that hair can actually growth at different rates on various sections of your head.  So, I would make sure that you at least do one measurement on the right side, left side, front and back of your head.  This way you will be sure to obtain an accurate picture of your overall hair growth.

Once you have decided the specific sections of your hair to measure, determine how much hair you are going to measure on that particular side of your hair.  A 1” wide section is a nice place to start if you are unsure exactly how big to make each section

Next, one section at a time, select the section of hair you will measure and tie the rest of the hair out of the way.

Then, dampen the section of hair you plan to measure and apply a generous amount of a heavy product onto that section.  The goal is to put enough product so that any curl pattern that you do have is temporarily removed.  I find that it’s best to use a product that is not very slippery.   Slippery products only make it harder for you to measure your hair when it’s time to break out the ruler.  The BEST type of product to use when doing this technique is the hard petroleum based wave products that are designed to elongate and pull extremely curly hair into a looser wave pattern.  I personally use the wave product by Murray’s (in the orange can).  It’s EXCELLENT for measuring hair … not to mention for stubborn edges. 

So after saturating the section of hair with Murray’s, the section of hair will either be completely straight on it’s own or require very little stretching to get an accurate measure.  This step in my method is absolutely key.  It’s what differentiates this technique from other methods and causes you to get the most accurate hair measurements possible.  Remember, without proper month-to-month measuring you will never know exactly how much hair growth you have REALLY obtained each month.   That in turn will prevent you from knowing what hair growth methods are working for you and which ones are not.

Next it’s time to break out the ruler.   Place one end of the ruler at your scalp and gently stretch the saturated section of hair against the ruler until you have reached the end of the longest strand in that section.  I would also recommend taking a picture of that particular section of hair to show both the size of the section of hair you selecte to measure as well as the location of that section.  This way, each subsequent month you will know exactly which section of hair to go back to when determining your hair growth progress.  This is ESPECIALLY important for those of you who have your hair cut in layers.  If your hair is all one length, this particular step is nice to do but is not required.  

Now because I’m a bit of a fanatic when it comes to my progress, I like to also stretch the length of each section of hair to see where it would fall on the closest part of my body when straightened.  So for example, when I’m measuring the section of hair at the center front of my head, I stretch it down to see how far it will go…down to my nose, down to my chin, past my chin, etc).

One you have finished measuring, taking pictures and perhaps stretching that particular section of hair, tuck it away and repeat the same steps above for the remaining sections.

I may really have to take a video of this particular method one day.  I think it’s really, really effective..

Using this technique not only ensure that I get an accurate measurement, but guarantees that every single measurement that I take each month indicates exactly how much progress I’ve made against my 1 inch in 1 month goal.

So…now it’s your turn.  TRY IT!!!  Then let me know what you think and how it works for you.  If there is another technique that you prefer, please feel free to share in the comments section below this post.

Until then…speedy hair growth to you and God bless!

– Winnie


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Regimen Rondezvous!

Okay…I’ve got to get my regimen in gear!!!  Common Winnie…get it going…no slacking.  It’s way to early!!!


Well sometimes folks, the making of a plan may involve making a plan.  A hair care regimen is simply a plan of action…a decision…a goal!  In order to devise a great goal or plan though many times you really need to take a step back and do some thinking and decision making, which is where I find myself today.  There’s so much that I know about hair and hair care from all of my years of research; however, I know that one of my primary goals is to get the most bang for my buck.  In other words, I want a power packed regimen that will yield maximum results (1″ or more hair growth per month) with the least amount of time and money invested.  Now THAT takes planning!!!

So here’s my plan for planning my hair growth regimen:

1) Vitamins – Review the best ingredients and dosages needed to produce maximum results]

2) Scalp Stimulants – Consolidate the list of power herbs, minerals and topicals products that produce the best results

3) Hair Care – Determine what hair care techniques will most vastly increase the health and growth production of the scalp while protecting the retention factor of each hair strand

4) Environment – Establish the correct environmental conditions that will promote increased growth (esp. in light of winter’s soon arrival) — I will be posting about this more later [HINT: Think plants].

5) Good ‘ol fashion FOOD – Make a list of the top hair superfoods and find 20 recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) that will super charge my hair growth the fastest while tasting MAGICALLY DELICIOUS!

6) Elimination – What do I have to eliminate from my life in order to obtain optimal results from this challenge

7) Motivation – HOW HOW HOW are you going to stay driven and motivated to achieve your goal when you grow tired of the regimen or when your flesh is tempted to backslide?  [Thoughts: scripture, vision board, forums, imagining, find pic of how style hair for New Years Eve, etc.]

Okay ladies and gents…that’s about it.  That’s my to do list / plan for planning (Phase I).  I hope this post inspires you to take the first step in conquering your hair goals.  Begin TODAY.  Create a quick bulleted or numbered list of to do items (your plan for planning).  Then set a date to revisit each item and accomplish them one by one.

So, what do you think?  Was this post helpful?  I sure hope so.  Leave your comments below and let me know your thoughts.

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INTRODUCING…The Hair Growth Challenge To Rival Them All

Like many of you long hair lovers out there, I have been on a multi-decade journey trying to grow my hair to bra strap length, mid back length and beyond.  I have had many set backs over the years, BUT NOW I am determined to reach my goal…one mini-goal at a time. 

This blog will chronicle my journey to waist length hair…the key for which is basically CONSISTENCY CONSISTENCY CONSISTENCY!!!  I already know what it takes to reach my goal, but the consistency is what I and those like me REALLY need in order to actually achieve it! 

So if you are a newbie stay tuned because I have decades of valuable hair care and hair growth tips to share. 

If you are like me and have a similar hair goal, lets learn from each other and encourage each other to stay consistent and reach our goals. 

If you aren’t a newbie, and you don’t have healthy hair or long hair goals but still want to stick around, PLEASE DO!  You are ABSOLUTELY welcome to stop by any time!  Please come back often…in fact bookmark my site, leave comments and suggestions, share your tips, implement what you learn and tell you testimonies!!!

Let’s enjoy the journey to maximum hair growth together!!!

Until my next post…Speedy growth to you and God bless!

– Winnie

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